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[IP] fat and insulin

Hi all, Still not pumping yet, diagnosed back in March, this year, read 
everyday, have only posted once. You guys answer a lot of questions for me 
without my asking. Here's my new one. I understand that fat makes sugars go 
up. So I'm counting carbs and watching fat. I read a lot of you "treat" 
yourselves occasionally (comments about chocolate/icecream/etc) and I would 
love to have a "treat" just every great now and again. I'd love to just 
once, go to McDonald's (or any fast food for that matter) and have a 
cheeseburger and fries just b/c I want to. I eat healthy snacks in the 
evenings sometimes, ie: mayfield's fat free fudge pops, heart healthy 
popcorn, etc. I know when I bolus for that (I'm about 1:33 for ratio) that 
I'm okay, but if I try for something fatty, it always spikes later on. And I 
understand that, but how do I figure for that? For example: Went out to eat 
the other night. I had green beans, cole slaw, 6 oz sirloin (grilled) and a 
skewer of grilled shrimp. All very healthy. I'm on Novolog 70/30 and I bolus 
for snacks with plain. I take 6 units of mix before dinner. Did my usual 
thing, took my 6 units. Two hours later, my sugars were beautiful, but 
before I went to bed it jumped to 158 without anything b/w dinner and 
bedtime. So I know there's a later jump with fat (assuming they cook with 
more fat in restaurants), but how do I adjust for that in the beginning, or 
do I just do a corrective bolus later. I'm not wanting to go out and pig 
out. As a matter of fact, I've lost weight since getting out of the hospital 
with type 1 back in the first of March and I've been a good girl, but am 
tired of being a good girl and would maybe just like a big ol' slice of cake 
one time or like I said, a greasy hamburger and french fries. Thanks for 
getting this far in my question/complaint.
Delores (diagnosed 3/06, shots 2-3/day, hopefully pumping by August/06)

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