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Re: [IP] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

Sarah Dowdell said:
> the Paradigm RT and the Guardian RT can be "tricked" just like the Dexcom.

How long are you pushing yours for? Nick said they go low after about 7
days for him. He also says that you just tell it to search for a new
sensor, that's even simpler than clipping/unclipping the Dexcom
transmitter from its sensor.

> if you get the combined pump/CGMS, the start up cost is $1000
> plus either your pump purchase copay (which you'd have to pay
> if you were getting a new pump no matter what) or the cost of
> the upgrade (my guess is ~200 like the previous upgrades) since
> the pump is covered under insurance just like any other pump
> (and the CGMS systems are not).

The Dexcom 'startup special' remains at $500, AFAIK for the rest of the
year if you ask for it. If you're upgrading within the MM family, or if
your insurance will cover a switch, then I agree: the price advantage
switches to MM.

I agree that pumps hardly ever fail... I was GUESSING that there'd be
extra buttons to push, GUESSING that the combined device had the same
'no graph without docking station' issue as the RT. I like my non-MM,
didn't even look at switching pumps and fighting with the Insurance Co.

The separate Transmitter on the RT was unattractive for me.

Thanks for pointing out advantages of the combined MM pump/CGMS, it was
unfair to "lump it in" with the RT in cost analysis. And especially nice
to hear from you and Nick that it also goes longer than 3 days.
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