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[IP] thigh pouch

I tried a couple different brands and could not get any of them to stay up
either - whether used on "calf", "upper thigh", etc.  I had it so tight I
couldn't hardly feel my leg anymore - just it would still slip down when
walking, dancing, etc.  I finally just made a long pocket in a half slip and
this has worked the best for me.  You can dance all night without any worries.
The only drawback though - you can't get at the pump to bolus for meals.  I
just resorted to taking a full syringe along with humalog in it and just use
the pump for the basal and then just bolus with the syringe through my dress,
etc. for meals.  Seems to work the best for me and no one seems to notice you
are giving yourself a shot at the table - they are all too busy eating and
talking amongst themselves.  I just test under the tablecloth on my lap and
then give myself a shot in the lower abs somewhere.  An alternative would be
to go to the bathroom for a bolus if you didn't want to carry the syringe.

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