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[IP] New to pumping Omnipod

Hello Dara just some follow up for you:
1) are you still using lantus?
2) is your blood sugar Reading normal?
 My Basal rates have not gone up on the Omnipod..so i am looking for the
 The rates of insulin absorption can vary by depth of cannula placement. Maybe
it was deeper/ shallower than before?

 The amount of increase % seems to be about 23% or so...so maybe depth of the
insulin cannula is an issue
 .9 - 1.0 per hour (I took the mean .95) X 24 = 22.8. compared to before your
16- 18 ( mean of 17)
seems like about a 23% increase
 I do not know what you used to deal with but the varying you see seems fairly
normal I hardly ever eat the same thing even week to week or month to month.
Again maybe depth of the cannula is an issue with you

 Dara I think this is very normal to have fluctuations on the day to day...your
body is a very complicated system and hardly ever is it the same day to day.

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