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[IP] tips on cruising

Hey there Kathy I have been on 6 so far and will take my seventh this summer.

Some things I have learned:

1) bring extra insulin (1 vial and store it in the fridge in your stateroom)
 2) bring extra sites(I bring an extra site for every day that I might spend in
the water) ( if they are used) salt water is good at removing adhesives..I
cannot wait to try my new Omnipod against saltwater...
3) bring the glucagon emergency kit just in case
 4) TELL the cruise staff and any tour operators so they can look out for your
 5) He might have to DECREASE the amount of insulin being pumped as the increase
in activity is tremendous
6) Most cruise ships have sugar free deserts tell him to ask
7) HYDRATE always bring water...when going ashore
8) avoid the water in some foreign ports ( most ships sell bottles of H2O)
9) sunscreen
 10) Ask your stateroom attendant for a "sharps" container...every ship i have
been on has them.

 HEAT has NEVER EVER been a problem for denaturing (destroying) the insulin's

My pumps have always been waterproof so i have never had that problem.

 basically bring extra supplies 2X the normal is way more than sufficient and
TELL the cruise staff ( I told em in advance of my boarding so they actually had
an extra vial of humalog in case I needed it plus insulin syringes to boot)

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