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RE: [IP] MiniMed not registering Active Insulin

> I bolus 8 units for a meal
> I then test BS, BS sent to pump
> I then tell pump using the Bolus Wizard what the carbs were With my ratios
the answer was 7.6 It suggests I take 7.6

Hi Christina, You are telling the pump that that you have consumed Twice
(double) the carbs that you really did.  That is why it is calculating the
extra correction.

The First time when you bolused, then the second time when you incorrectly
told the pump you were about to consume an additional quantity of Carbs.
You should have either:

1.  Used the Bolus wizard the first time around.... Or
2.  Told the Bolus Wizard that you were consuming zero (0) carbs.

Type II Pumping 12/03 MM515
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