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RE: [IP] MiniMed not registering Active Insulin


Using the bolus wizard, you just told the pump that you ate _another_ X
grams of carbs. Any insulin already in your system when you run the
wizard is assumed to be matched by either a high BG, or by food already
consumed (or to be consumed shortly, but _other_ food than the stuff you
are using the wizard for right now).


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Subject: [IP] MiniMed not registering Active Insulin

I have a question about how the MiniMed 512 figures corrections. Here9s
example, which still doesn9t make sense to me...

I bolus 8 units for a meal
I then test BS, BS sent to pump
I then tell pump using the Bolus Wizard what the carbs were
With my ratios the answer was 7.6
It suggests I take 7.6

It did not take into account my current BS (which was over target), or
bolus of 8 I had just given. Nor any previous bolus (so it did not
active insulin).

I had called MiniMed about his before, saying this seems really strange
me. What if I were in a hurry and just agreed (which I never do anyway
for argument9s sake)? What if that low hit while driving? That means I
have taken 15.6 total units I would normally take around 8 for.

They said I don9t have to do what it tells me, but that large of a gap,
registering previous bolus seems dangerous to me. They couldn9t explain
at all.

Thoughts on why it does that? Granted it9s a machine I may have confused
doing it backwards, but I would think that the software would be set up
handle that scenario.

I receive the digest version so if someone has an idea would you mind
replying directly to me?

Thank you all for your help!

> Christina
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