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Re: [IP] new to pumping....questions


 I'm also on the OmniPod. My Basals range from 1.2 to 1.5. I've always used a
larger amount of insulin than some. My doctors attribute it to some insulin
resistance. As far as boluses go, my also vary depending on my excersise, stress
and eating pattern. Yours don't seem abnormal to me. Remember also that how much
you use ina day may relate to when you took it. If you took an aftermidnight
correction or a slightly before midnight snack this can certainly cause a a day
to vary. How are you enjoying the OmniPod? Good luck.


---- May Dara <email @ redacted> wrote: 
> I am new to pumping, and am on the Omnipod. I have a few questions:
 > I seem to need a LOT of basal insulin. I am currently taking between .9 and 1
 > unit per hour. So I am taking almost 24 units of basal everyday. When I was
> Lantus I took 16 - 18 units per day.
>   Why do I need so much more basal now? And doesn't that seem like a lot per
 > hour? I'm a type one, 5'6" and weigh somewhere around 150 (give or take 5
 > I am not eating more than I was before. I am worried that I will gain weight,
> need more basal, gain weight etc. You know the loop I am talking about. Is it
> odd to need so much?
>   I have also noticed that on a day-to-day basis my insulin needs change
 > dramatically. For example, on 6/3 I took a total of 31.5 units (71% basal!),
> on 6/2 I took 42.4 units (53% basal). 6/1 it was a total of 29.2 (77% basal!)
> and 5/31 I used a total of 45.8 (49% basal).
 > Now that I have bored you with my insulin intake for the past week, I'll get
> to my question:
>   Is it normal to have such dramatic fluctuations in the amt of insulin used?
>   Thanks,
>   Dara
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