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Re: [IP] Re: Retinopathy

Yes. I have had nearly complete blackness when having a big hemorrhage and
many black dots when they were smaller. Way more than 6 over the years in one
eye. I was instructed to sleep with my head elevated to see how much drained
out of my area of vision and then the retina specialist would check the eye
after a few days to see if it needed laser. Sometimes it did and other times
it did not. One time ( using non-medical terms) it would look like everything
was black and I had to have laser. Other times it looked like I had hundreds
of black granules of sand in my eye. That Cleared up by keeping my head
elevated. In all cases I went to the retina specialist to have him evaluate
and instruct me as to 'the drill' for each occurrence.
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  Has anyone had the experience of having 6 or more eye hemmorages in the same
  eye and then have it stop by itself without treatment.


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