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Re: [IP] Re: thigh pump

<<<There is a thigh pouch through MiniMed.  You can get them in black or 
white. I have both.  It has an elastisized piece with a clip you can attach 
to underwear or shirt that's tucked in and such.  I love the pouch. The only 
drawback is having to go to the bathroom everytime I want to bolus
or whatever. Sometimes sitting at a table  I've reached up my skirt or dress 
and done it all right their.  hehehe...>>>

I would HIGHLY recommend using a garter of some sort when you use this 
thing.  I have one from MM and it did not come with a clip to attach to 
underwear or anything--maybe this is a feature MM recently added.  I've had 
mine for 6 years and it was just a pouch with an elastic band around it.  I 
use it when I have to, but the thing DOES NOT stay up on my leg unless I put 
it on so tightly that I lose all circulation in my legs (needless to say, 
I'm usually hiking that thing up several times an hour because I like being 
able to feel my toes).  However, it is nice because you can just reach up 
your skirt/dress and bolus right at the table without anyone noticing and it 
would be very comfortable if I could get it to stay up.  Does anyone know if 
the MM thigh pouches come with garter clips now?  Maybe it's worth replacing 
my pouch before wedding season gets into full swing for me.

Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00
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