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Re: [IP] new to pumping....questions

On Jun 5, 2006 at 9:51 AM, May Dara 
<<mailto:email @ redacted>email @ redacted> wrote:

>   I seem to need a LOT of basal insulin. I am currently taking 
>between .9 and 1
>unit per hour. So I am taking almost 24 units of basal everyday. When I was on
>Lantus I took 16 - 18 units per day.
>   Is it normal to have such dramatic fluctuations in the amt of insulin used?
>   Dara

YMMV, Dara, we all take what is necessary.  My basal is 19.3 units 
daily and my TDI runs from 32 to 60 units (depending on the ice cream 
flavor)   Since you are new, that 24 units may be adjusted over time, 
it may go up or it might go down, whatever is necessary.  As to TDI, 
here's some stats:


Most pumpers vary their percentage of basal between 40 and 60 percent.  YMMV

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