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Re: [IP] Question for Animas Users

At 10:06 AM 6/5/2006, Valerie wrote:
>Animas DOES have the record (via serial number) of your old pump. Have you
>tried calling and insisting they track it down? Unfortunately, diabetes has
>taught me that the squeaky wheel gets the grease...
>Might be worth a phone call.
>Good luck,

Yes, I did.  I requested my old IR1200 back (I also have the serial 
#) after the second replacement began failing.  Evidently they can't 
do that because so far, they've ignored my request.  I'm on pump #3 
now.  I'd really like my old one back, however, who knows what 
they've done to it by now to "refurbish" it and perhaps it's now just 
as bad as the replacements I've been getting (which are all 
refurbished pumps).  <sigh>  Maybe three will be the charm here and 
this one will be fine.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In my opinion, what Animas really needs to do is have their engineers 
lose the attitude that this is no big deal and get busy and find out 
what is different about these "newer" IR1200 pumps and the older 
ones, such as mine, and finally resolve the problem.

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