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Re: [IP] Humira - Orencia - Methotrexate

 Veronica, I am sorry for you; happy for me. :) I have never encountered any of
those effects from the MTX. I had some liver issues, but they were not totally
from the MTX. I had to go off of it while we got my liver back under control,
and **so far** I am doing okay back on it. Will have liver enzymes checked later
this month. What are you taking now? I'm sorry I cannot remember..... another
*real* problem for me, too, but I'm doing all I can to combat the memory loss.

 When were you diagnosed with the RA and the diabetes? My RA was in '64
following the birht of my first baby; the diabetes officially diagnosed in 2000,
but had a positive GTT done in '71 that was not appropriately diagnosed at the
time; thus, many complications. :( I am having eye problems related to the RA,
but so far none connected with the diabetes. Had some really good tests
recently. I *do* have a damaged optic nerve, but haven't received an in-depth
explanation yet. Supposedly, that was caused by the glaucoma. My opthalmologist
did not have the results yet at my last appointment with her. She tried getting
them faxed over, but it didn't happen while i was still there.

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----- Original Message ----
From: Veronica Elsea <email @ redacted>

Billie and Judy,
Well, the methotrexate had several problems, in my book. First, I got 
really bad laryngitis, just what every singer wants! Not! If I got 
the dose high enough to do anything for the RA, okay, great, my 
joints feel great, but I spent a good chunk of the day in the 
bathroom with the runs! I couldn't sleep the first night after taking 
it. When I'd do a finger stick, or just bump into anything, it was 
really hard to stop the bleeding. It also did weird things to my 
moods. I'd wake up in the middle of the night screaming in anger, 
pounding on my pillow and wondering, why am I doing this? Oh it was a 
very happy day when I got off that stuff, for sure!
Take care; talk to ya soon.

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