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RE: Re: [IP] BD Test Strips vs One Touch Ultra

The post by Rick Stockton, is correct!  It is the only thing that I dislike
about the BD link meter and the BD Strips... We live in Colorado...in the
winder we keep our home at 60 degrees at night...to test sometimes can mean
the need to warm up the Link meter before testing....that takes time. In the
summer leaving the tester in the car is also not a good thing... If I am
along and wish to test before driving and have left the tester in the car,
"what man doesn't at times?"  to test means getting out the alternate
tester, FreeStyle for me.  Yes, there is a small difference in the readings.
But to know that I am over 100 is at that time is most important and the
FreeStyle has never failed me when either cold or hot...so it's just another
one of the times that I as a diabetic need to adjust to.

If life was simple it would have been simple, we would not be enjoying the
competition of life.  My wife says that I have a problem with reality... I
don't think so!~


A portion of the original post...
>the bottom of one BD strip's testing range is
>59 F (that's terrible!) The top of the range for your BD strip is
probably less than the the 2nd place '104 F' strips, maybe MUCH less.
>Anyway, it's so bad that they don't even offer it on their website.
>Maybe the "patient information" insert in the strip retail packages?
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