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[IP] Re: magnets and pump

On 6/4/06, Summer Barrett <email @ redacted> wrote:
>     Strange question for you.  I bought a case for my pump.  It's a cell
>     phone case but the fastener is a strong magnet.  I have been using it for
>     a week and no noticeable problems but am wondering if having a magnet so
>     close to the pump all the time could perhaps be a problem?  Anyone have
>     any thoughts on this?  The funny part is the magnet will attach to the
>     pump where the reservoir arm is.
>     Summer - dx'd July 1986 at age 4, pumping since Nov. 2002

A few thoughts, I don't believe the magnet will have an effect on the 
reservoir arm.  A magnet CAN effect the programming of a pump 
depending on how "strong" the magnet truly is and the placement of 
the magnet.  Since phones are also programmable devices, I doubt the 
magnet strength is that great, otherwise that cell phone case would 
not be sold as such.

dxed 4/64, "reborn" 8/13/98
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