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Re: [IP] injection therapy for ligaments and carpal tunnel surgery questions...

I can only speak from my own experiences.
I had 2 Carpal Tunnel surgeries; 1 while I was awake. After that I had 8
Trigger Finger Surgeries; all while I was awake. The 1 surgery I allowed them
to put me to sleep; however briefly the anesthesiologist administered glucose
by IV. I had told them all not to do it. From then on I went to a great hand
surgeon in Atlanta, 11 hours from home, who agreed to do all of my remaining
hand surgeries while I was awake and my pump was running as usual. The last
time he did both hands for Trigger Finger one right after another; no
I know that we can keep our pumps running if we are near 100mgdl just prior to
surgery. My BG went up to 120mgdl and I went for coffee and donuts after the
surgery. Also no fasting or blood tests in lab. were needed when I had a local
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  Also, I'm having carpal tunnel surgery on Friday, and I need good arguments
  for being allowed to keep my pump on and being allowed to manage my own
   diabetes. When I was at the hospital for pre-op testing, the nurse
  had no clue about how a pump worked.  I explained that if I'm  not eating, I
  don't give myself any extra insulin, just the background insulin  like
   who uses lantus, and she said that I shouldn't be using any insulin that
  Huh?  And run BGs how high then?

  She tried to get me to agree that it was ok for them to manage my diabetes,
  do the testing, and administer regular insulin, and I said I didn't need or
  want  that, that I could do it on my own.

  I'll only be knocked out for a very short period of time.

  I go to my regular doctor for medical clearance on Wednesday and can
   hopefully get him to fax over that I can manage my own diabetes. I'm
willing to
  a temp basal for a few hours and run a little higher, but I'm  really not
  willing to let them tell me to remove the pump.  Ugh.

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