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Re: [IP] How to deal with long flights

Dear Stuart,
  I think that I accidentally sent you an incomplete email. Sorry.
   I will be going to China in October and I am thinking ahead.
  I contacted Animas and they agreed to send me a loaner pump to travel with
me.I have an extra glucose meter so I will take that, along with lots of strips.
I am taking plenty of other supplies with me (including syringes and extra
insulin, extra Comfort Sets etc). On the flight, I am going to check my blood
sugar zillions of times and adjust accordingly. I also purchased a "frio" pack (
you soak it in cold water and it stays cool for days) to keep my things cool in
in case of heat.
  I don't know what is available there but I am not counting on anything. I
don't speak the language so I don't know how I could communicate my medical
needs unless someone speaks English. Also, I was told to bring prescriptions for
insulin, syringes, strips etc. with me.
  If I think of anything else, I'll tell you. If you come up with anything else,
I would welcome any input from you!
  Have a wonderful, safe and healthy trip!

Stuart Rothenberg <email @ redacted> wrote:
  Started pumping Jan 06, after 28 years of MDI - Minimed 715 and use the
Silhouette infusion set.

I stumbled across this incredible group a few months ago and have been
lurking and LEARNING!!.

I will be taking a long flight to Hong Kong in a few months and will be
asking my Endo about how to deal with this, but would appreciate any
information this group might have.

When time permits I hope to become and active participant.
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