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Re: [IP] Humira - Orencia

 Jan, I, too, take MTX injections, and Folic Acid, having had RA since '64
following the birth of my 1st baby. The pills did not work for me, either, but
the injections work great. It seemed to be an absorption problem I also have
osteoporosis and ~arthritis for which I take Actonel once a week (have SO much
trouble remembering it...... we try to think of ways to remember!!). My
rheumatologist recommend glucosamine several years ago; I misplaced the bottle
once, then forgot about it, and am going to reimplement it now, I think. I also
have Lupus in case anyone has any help for that, too. :)

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> If the Humira doesn't stop my rapid downhill progression,
> the next thing they want to try is Orencia.

My hugsband takes Methotrexate injections - once a week for R.A. Have
you tried that? I know YMMV but it has worked for him for about 5 years
now. The metho pills did not work. Also, have you tried Remicade
infusion? I hope something will help you soon. Also, he takes 1mcg of
folic acid to replace what the Metho destroys - that, too, is important.
It is a B vitamin and very inexpensive. We get them when they are BOGOF.
The last one was 250 with a bonus of 125 = 375, so we got 250 free ones
besides the free bottle. That's the way I like to shop! YMMV

He and I also take glucosamine chondroitin (I have osteoarthritis). I
heard the glucosamine with MSN is more important. IF the glucosamine
raises your BGs you can always adjust your basals to take care of it.
That's better than the deteriation and pain.
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