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Re: [IP] Dexcom CGMS (I LOVE this machine !!!)

Hi Rick,

I wear a MiniMedn722RT and use CGMS sensors for more than a moth now.

I've had trouble to calibrate the system at first and the BGs on
screen had nothing to do with the reality. After the third sensor I've
learn to calibrate the CGMS when my BGs were stable and oups! the CGMS
worked and now is pretty accurate and help me find out all my hypos
and highs. The results are almost identical to my Freestyle's blood
readings except when I fast go up or down when they have a 10 to 15
minutes delay.

I agree with you that this is the best innovation happens to diabetes
treatment since blood testing. My life is changing and also the way I
treat my diabetes. Mo more huge bolus but many tiny ones. I see the
curve in the screen (YES MM722 shows two different 3 hours and 24
hours curves) and I know what will happens to the next 30minutes. No
more unaware hypos.

More of that I can see the bolus times in the same timeline curves.
This help me allot to understand how insulin lasts different times of
day and how the big and small bolus reacts. With the experience I'm
getting my curves more and more looks like lines! :-)

I use every sensor for 6 to 7 days. I don't have to do tricks for that
to happen. I just input MM722 to search for new sensor and vouala! I
have another 3 days of use. The last day of the sensor when my BGs are
falling the curve goes to 40's and stay there until I start a new

The MM transmitter is water proof but the sensor is not. So you have
to cover the site with an IV 3000.

Nikos Filippou
Thessaloniki, Greece
age 36, DX T1 86, pumping MM722RT
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