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Subject: [IP] Dexcom CGMS (I LOVE this machine !!!)

<<I'm a customer, with no financial interest in the company and it's
except, I'd be unbelievably pissed if they went out of business.

For me, this device is the BEST THING since the switch from urine
testing to blood testing. Yes, BIGGER than the introduction of "fast"
insulin analogs.>>

I've been using/trying the Dexcom STS for about 2 weeks now.  I have slightly
different experiences than Rick.  So ... my background ... 41 years with T1,
pumping Cozmo 2 years.  A1c's in the 5.5-6 range.  I've been testing my blood
glucose since 1970 (had one of the first Ames Reflectance Meters ... a real
dinosaur!).  So I'm VERY ready to test less and get more frequent readings.

In 2 weeks, I've tested more than the usual 10-15/day.  I usually use the
Freestyle Cozmonitor, since I get the most reliable readings on that meter.
On the One Touch Ultra, my readings are quite inconsistent.  Unfortunately,
Dexcom only calibrates with the Ultra, at this point in time and won't say
when they will be able to connect to other meters.  So when I test, I use one
drop of blood for both meters and run side-by-side numbers.  Also, I must use
a cable to calibrate from the Ultra ... no infrared connection nor ability to
input data manually.  Dexcom is aware of this as an issue and is working on

I am very active ... teach yoga, bike, swim.  I am finding that during
exercise, the Dexcom is not at all reliable.  It gives me a high alarm during
yoga (indicating my bg is over 180) when the reality is that I am really at
120-140.  No explanation for this problem yet but they are working on it.

Rick, you are absolutely right about the ability to stretch the use of the
sensor ... I've done it to 7 days ... haven't tried longer yet.  I am also
understanding that it is certainly possible to NOT use the shower cover ...
many are doing that.  I'm not sure whether I am getting problems from water
... but I hear unofficially that water does not bother the transmitter.

We are unable to download our own data at this point ... only doctors are
allowed to do this.  The reason: the FDA is concerned that if we patients are
able to see the data, we might adjust our basals and boluses on our own,
without checking with our doctor!  Well, DUH!  If I had to talk to my doctor
every time I needed to adjust, it would NOT go well!  Again, this is an FDA

The folks at Dexcom are FABULOUS!  They are so enthusiastic and listening and
working on the issues.  Tech support is very responsive.  I am not sure that
my experience is typical.  And I do plan to continue using the Dexcom STS.  It
has given me some alarms in the night that have been extremely beneficial (one
high which I wouldn't have expected, and one low I wouldn't have caught til it
was lower).  The alarms are significant ... you can't miss them!

Hope this is helpful.  BTW, I've been checking about the Abbott Navigator.  I
heard they just got approval ... does anyone know if that is correct?  I heard
they are targetting September to roll out the product.

... joanne
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