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RE: [IP] correction factor/insulin sensitivity

At 01:14 PM 6/3/2006, you wrote:
>Liz -
>  I used Sof-sets for about 6 years and last year started having problems with
>the cannula bending all the time. I had had this problem in the past after I
>started getting rashes and put the IV tape under my set rather than over it. I
>found that if I put tape over it as well as under then this didn't happen. I
>think without the tape on top sometimes the cannula pulls out a 
>little and then
>kinks when it goes back in. This sandwich method worked until Smith Nephew
>changed their formula about a year ago and the IV tapes would not 
>stick to each
>other so would come off with the 1st shower. (I had a number of conversations
>with them about it - the new tape with the rounded edges was not good about
>sticking to each other) I bought some of the old square tapes on Ebay but then
>in the fall started having trouble with bent cannula again. So I 
>switched to the
>Silhouette and I don't think I have had any kinks with it. The sites 
>do seem to
>get mild infections a little more than the Sof-Se ts did unless it 
>has to do with the medicine I'm on for rheumatoid arthritis
>(Methotrexate injections and prednisone which supress immune system) but I've
>been taking that for almost 2 years so don't think it would just start now.

These were my first problem Sof-Sets.  I just use IV Prep on the 
skin, then use both pieces of tape over the set.  I once tried to put 
Tegaderm down first and insert through that but the needle/cannula 
didn't even pierce the tape!  Since I don't have many problems with a 
set peeling off or skin irritation I never put anything down first, 
just the wipe.  I sometimes have trouble with the tape, but that's 
just me.  If I manage to get it down without sticking it to itself 
it's fine.  If I end up wrinkling it then sometimes I need to use 
extra tape over the two that come with the set.

I also notice that when I remove a Silhouette I sometimes have more 
of a red bump than I ever did with the Quick-Sets or Sof-Sets.  They 
never really get infected, just more raised/red than the other 
sets.  I bought a box of those little circle/spot Band Aids and put 
one of those with a little antibiotic ointment over the red spot.

>  It's very frustrating to try to figure out your basals and 
> corrections with all
>the additional impacts to your blood sugar - many of which you may have little
>control over. I would not change a correction ratio because it over corrected
>once because there can be so many other issues (BG reading could be 
>off, basals
>could be off, etc). But since it keeps happening I definately would. 
>Also I had
>a question about doing the correction as a square wave. I don't have 
>that option
>on my Cosmo and I'm not sure I see an advantage in doing that.

I've known my correction factor was off for awhile.  I meant to talk 
to my CDE about it in April but she made so many other changes that I 
decided to leave it alone for awhile.  I think maybe she suggested 
doing a square wave because I was dropping so quickly.  That might 
work but only if I also decreased the correction amount from what I 
was using before.  It is higher now (55 vs 45) and she did say to 
forget the square wave.

I plan on doing basal rate tests as soon as all of the requirements 
are in place - BG in range, no bolus or food for 4 hours.  Seems like 
whenever my BG is in the 100-150 range that Pumping Insulin 
recommends, I've eaten or bolused within 2 hours.  2 hours later my 
BG is completely different and I either have to eat or correct.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005 
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