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Re: [IP] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

Why spend all that money for a combined pump / CGMS ???

Too many eggs in one basket, I think. Why depend on one more complicated
big device when you can have two small separate ones, one WITHOUT TUBING
(put it anywhere), and with separate (therefore simpler) device menus?

Looking instead at the standalone Guardian R/T versus the Dexcom CGMS,
Dexcom has the following advantages:

(1) costs $500 to start or try out (Guardian R/T costs $2400 !!!)

(2) Dexcom shows a graph RIGHT ON THE MONITOR, to see a graph with the
R/T you've got to plug it into the docking station. (This is a critical
advantage for Dexcom, I think.) Dexcom doesn't even have a "docking

(3) Dexcom can be "tricked" to use the same sensor for one (or more)
additional 72-hour periods. And Dexcom has already applied for 7-day
approval, so running it for 6 days is barely "off-label" at all. I don't
know if R/T can be "tricked" like this-- and if it can, whether the
sensor would actually hold up and give good results. BTW, the Dexcom
sensor I'm wearing ___RIGHT NOW___ is in it's 10th day, and the #s are
still good.

(4) Dexcom sensors don't need refrigeration.

- - - -
I have no financial interest in Dexcom. But I looked at the R/T versus
Dexcom for all of two minutes, the right choice was obvious. (The R/T
was pathetically worse, even if it HADN'T cost nearly 5 times as much
- - - -
For more info, see my post 6/3/06, "Dexcom CGMS (I LOVE this machine
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