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Re: [IP] Shoulder surgery

Well my personal experience was different, but I resorted to surgery
before waiting the full two years. (Semi-pro Violinist, my Orchestras
were getting desperate, I couldn't play several committed Concertos, I
couldn't audition for new jobs.)

7 months of getting worse and worse, extremely painful PT and extremely
painful Violin playing.

Instantly better, complete recovery of Original Range of Motion
recovered in 6 weeks of easy PT, pain free.

So don't say "about 2 years to heal with treatment" and consider it
gospel. MY mileage varied a lot  :-) 

I suspect that there are different kinds of "Frozen Shoulder".  My case
called for D and C, with scraping/grinding of REALLY HARD stuff which my
surgeon, considered one of the very best in Minneapolis, had never seen
before. 9 hours!!! (to wake up in recovery, I don't know how much of
that was actual scraping.) Later that year, he made a presentation about
the surgery at an Orthopedic convention.
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