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[IP] Infusion disillusion, help!

Okay, a few questions for you guys. I sure hope someone can help me 
through this frustration, at least to perhaps find the right turn of 
phrase to get the real help I need. I am getting a consistent answer 
from everybody here, "I don't know!"
I've been pumping since 1991. In the early years, I tried the 
SoftSets and gave up because they kept crimping. Everyone said I 
didn't have enough fat. For a few years I used some experimental 
catheters which really beat up on my abdomine. Then when they came 
out, I used the Tenders from Disetronic. When I got my Cozmo a year 
ago, I switched to the Comforts, same thing, just different name.
The problem: I wasn't really happy with my numbers because I was 
having what seemed like inconsistent obsorbtion in some places. I 
thought that if I tried the straight-in infusion sets, that I'd tear 
up less tissue going in and out and give my body a chance to heal a 
bit. So for the past month I've been using the Clio 90. I like the 
ease of insertion and convenient packaging, for sure. I like the fact 
that the needle comes out automatically and there's no chance for me 
to pull crooked, further good stuff for my theory of letting myself heal.
And I have now figured out that the 9 millimeter depth is too much 
for me. But there are a number of places on my abdomine where I can't 
even seem to use the 6's. What often happens is this: One hour and a 
half after a meal, my number will be something like 350 or sometimes 
higher. If I do nothing, two hours later, blam! Down in the 90's. 
Then there are times when nothing happens at all. Today I didn't have 
the chance to do that extra after-breakfast test and when I checked 
before lunch, my Flash meter just said "high". Man, talk about ticked 
off? I haven't seen "high" since I've been on the pump. In fact, I 
couldn't even remember at what point the meter quit giving actual 
numbers. Needless to say, I changed the infusion set and put it in my 
hip. I'm not real fond of how it feels when I lean on it and don't 
know how it will be as I sleep on my side, tonight.
My questions: Any adults using the tender minis? Anybody know if the 
comfort has an equivalent?
And for those of you who have switched to the OmniPod, do they go in 
differently than the angled sets like the Comforts? I'm just trying 
to find some hope for myself here. At this rate, I'm going to run out 
of these before my three months are up, at the very least. And my 
control is going.... you know!
But I sure don't want to even think about the possibility of going 
off the pump for awhile either. I don't think I'm ridiculously thin 
either. But I do exercise a lot.
Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Any help or even just moral 
support would really be appreciated at the moment. I sure feel alone in this.
Thanks a bunch.
Take care; talk to ya soon.

Veronica Elsea, Owner
Laurel Creek Music Designs
Santa Cruz, California
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