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[IP] Re:Animas and Call Service alarm

Hi Roselea and (everyone else!),
I've been using the Animas 1200 model for almost 2 years. My first was  
 replaced just a few months after I got it because the paint was coming off, but
 I've had the second one since. I had a somewhat different problem a few nights
ago - I got a Call Service alarm, disconnected, took the battery out, put  it 
back in and rewound (I didn't take the cartridge out before I rewound).  
Immediately after rewinding, the pump went right to the "Home Screen" so I  
 couldn't load the cartridge. I tried rewinding 3 times with the same result. I
the battery out and pushed the bent arrow button (ok button  on the 1250) for 
several seconds, hoping it would work like pushing S on my old  H-TRON (to 
clear the 07 alarm), but that didn't help. Finally I put in a new  battery, 
 rewound, etc. and it worked just fine. Whew! Do you think a funky battery could
 affect the pump and result in a Call Service alarm? The battery icon indicated
the old one was full power (3 segments).
I had a series of 07 alarms with the H-TRON and sent it back to Disetronic.  
They sent it back and said there wasn't anything wrong with it. It did work 
just  fine after that. Maybe a battery problem? I didn't try new ones in the 
H-TRON  before I sent it in.
Otherwise, I've been very happy with my Animas pump - especially being able  
to program the basal rate in 0.025 increments (one of my basals has been <0.2  
so being able to adjust it by about 10% has been great). YMMV, though!
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