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Re: [IP] Question for Animas Users

 And you are the only person I have heard of with this issue.....my child and I
realize that pumps are mechanical devices and sometimes need attention....I
would rather the pump have the checks and know it is functioning correctly so I
don't worry that she gets an improper bolus...........it sure beats shots (which
she was getting seven per day) and it has given my child's life back to
her..............I am sorry this has happened to you but still wonder why you
don't call when it says "call service" as it is just possible that you would not
have a continuing issue if you did...........Animas cannot help you if you do
not let them.........I have always found them to go above and beyond what is

RoseLea <email @ redacted> wrote:
  At 07:53 PM 6/2/2006, Valerie wrote:
>I've had my IR1200 for two years now. I've had one Call Service alarm (I
>called, but had already removed/replaced the battery, which is enough to
>reboot and solve the problem). Animas tech told me I did the right thing;
>that since the pump does so many thousands of internal checks, it's bound to
>now and then think something is off, and it may alarm. That's the only false
>alarm I've had.

I'm wondering if other pumps such as the Cosmo make "so many 
thousands of internal checks" and is it really necessary to do so 
many that it causes the pump to actually fail so often? Makes me 
wonder if there's something wrong that the pump can't even pass its 
own checks. My original IR1200 never had the alarm in the two years 
that I used it. Didn't it do the internal checks? Obviously it did 
a much better job of passing them than have the replacement pumps 
I've recently gotten. I'm thinking that Animas' engineers need to be 
forced to wear one of these pumps (with saline) and use them just as 
we do so they can see how aggravating getting a "Call Service" alarm 
can be. The third time it happened for me with the first pump I 
returned (I only had that pump for less than two months btw), I was 
in a busy restaurant getting ready to have dinner. The food was 
delivered to our table, I decided how much I would eat and reached 
for my pump to bolus. It began beeping and as soon as I saw that 
"black stripe" across the screen (I didn't have my glasses on at the 
time, I was just using the audio bolus to bolus) I cringed. Here's 
my food on the table, my husband's already started eating, we're in a 
crowded busy restaurant and I'm off to look for a bathroom so I can 
get this pump fixed so I can bolus for my meal (which is now sitting 
on the table getting cold). Meanwhile, because it was such a busy 
place, the bathroom was crowded and it took me over 15 minutes to get 
everything worked out. (I went to the bathroom since I didn't want 
to drop my drawers at the table to disconnect and my set was not in 
an easily disconnect-able location.) I'm afraid I lost it then. I'd 
had enough. This pump behavior, IMO, is not acceptable. So, let an 
engineer deal with that. See how happy they are too. They just all 
act so blase about the whole thing like we're all just sitting home 
waiting for this alarm to happen and we don't have lives. Well, I do 
have a life. And constant "Call Service" alarms don't fit into it, 
I'm afraid.

I'm hoping that the pump I receive today will work better than the 
last two. I wish now that I had requested my original pump returned 
as another member here did. I seriously regret that now.



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