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RE: [IP] correction factor/insulin sensitivity

From: Elizabeth  Blake 
>>I pulled out my infusion set and had a bent cannula.  It was a Sof-Set ....  

Liz -
 I used Sof-sets for about 6 years and last year started having problems with
the cannula bending all the time. I had had this problem in the past after I
started getting rashes and put the IV tape under my set rather than over it. I
found that if I put tape over it as well as under then this didn't happen. I
think without the tape on top sometimes the cannula pulls out a little and then
kinks when it goes back in. This sandwich method worked until Smith Nephew
changed their formula about a year ago and the IV tapes would not stick to each
other so would come off with the 1st shower. (I had a number of conversations
with them about it - the new tape with the rounded edges was not good about
sticking to each other) I bought some of the old square tapes on Ebay but then
in the fall started having trouble with bent cannula again. So I switched to the
Silhouette and I don't think I have had any kinks with it. The sites do seem to
get mild infections a little more than the!
 ts did unless it has to do with the medicine I'm on for rheumatoid arthritis
(Methotrexate injections and prednisone which supress immune system) but I've
been taking that for almost 2 years so don't think it would just start now.

 It's very frustrating to try to figure out your basals and corrections with all
the additional impacts to your blood sugar - many of which you may have little
control over. I would not change a correction ratio because it over corrected
once because there can be so many other issues (BG reading could be off, basals
could be off, etc). But since it keeps happening I definately would. Also I had
a question about doing the correction as a square wave. I don't have that option
on my Cosmo and I'm not sure I see an advantage in doing that.

 Age 48 - Type 1- 32 years, pumping 7 years, with other autoimmune disorders and
sleep apnea. Daughter age 22 with Type 1 - 3 years on MDI
TheSubject: RE: [IP] correction factor/insulin sensitivity
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