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Re: [IP] snacking at 123

At 07:24 AM 6/3/2006, you wrote:
>Liz wrote, in part:
> > I did have a small snack with the 123 reading (raw
> > veggies + fat free dip) and 2 hours after that I was 168,
> > then 168 again more than an hour later.
>I'm curious: Did you have a small snack just cuz you wanted it -- or
>because you were 123?
>I'm also curious as to why you did not bolus to cover the carbs?


I had the snack because I wanted it and usually have one in the 
afternoon.  I did bolus for it, just forgot to include that info.  It 
was 17g of carb and I bolused .7 units for it (1:22 ratio).  Right 
now my target range is set for 100-140, because of all the lows I 
tend to have, and also to keep my BG a little higher to hopefully 
regain my hypo awareness.

After changing back to a Silhouette last night before dinner I have 
not run high but I have now been running very low and I don't know 
why.  Last night I was 192 before dinner, had 68g of carbs and 
bolused 3.9 which included a correction + food bolus.  2.5 hours 
later I was 222.  I changed my set then and took the full correction, 
ignoring IOB since I had another suspect set in.  I removed the 
Sof-Set before correcting, insterted a Silhouette and then did the 
1.4 correction.  Shortly before 1:00am I was 120 so I knew the set 
was working.  At 1:30 I was 75, so I had a snack (17g).  At 3:00am I 
was 57 and ate half a banana.  At 5:30am I was 47, ate the other half 
of banana.  For one of those readings I had even done a second test 
on my other meter just to make sure.  At 9:00am, I was 35 and just 
had some juice.

I could see dropping from 222->75->57 due to the correction at 
11:30pm Friday night.  I iognored the fact that the pump was taking 
some insulin away due to IOB becuase of the bad sets.  I know that I 
was getting *some* insulin even though the sets were bad, otherwise I 
would have been much higher than the numbers I had.  I really should 
have just given half of the correction at 11:30.  But I'm still not 
sure why I was still dropping at 3:07am and 5:27am and 9am.

I still hadn't fallen asleep at all when I tested at 3:07am, so after 
I ate the banana I did finally fall asleep.  My cat woke me at his 
usual time between 5-6am and I tested since I was awake at 5:27, but 
the low did not wake me (and my cat didn't wake me because I was low 
- he's just obnoxious).  When I got out of bed for good around 9:00am 
I felt a little odd but didn't think I could possibly still be low.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005 
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