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Re: [IP] Re: Pump Deaths (was insulin-pumpers-digest V9 #870)

On 6/2/06, SUSAN SCHMIDT <email @ redacted> wrote:
> . also a note i have now been pumping for l year
> and love it. my husband was not to excited about it because he had read
> articles
> about deaths due to the pump use.
> insulin-pumpers-digest Sunday, May 28 2006 Volume 09 : Number 870
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Oh really?  Deaths DUE to pump use?   I do not believe that has happened in
years, but if he would like to find an example of it, he can Search here:


The Product Code for insulin pumps is LZG and since 2001 he will find 17
reports of deaths from people wearing an Animas pump.  That does not mean
that the pump CAUSED the death, only that the person was using a pump at the
time of their death.

George       :>)
(who will die wearing a pump, but I won't die because of a pump, I intend to
live longer because of it)
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