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Re: [IP] correction factor/insulin sensitivity

At 12:57 PM 6/2/2006, you wrote:
>Hey Liz,
>   First of all, do you have the book PUMPING INSULIN by Walsh and 
> Roberts, 3rd

I do have a copy, but I have to find it.  I tend to pile things up 
and it's probably at the bottom of a pile somewhere.  I have a lot of piles!

>   Next, while I'm not familiar with MM's pumps I do know that our 
> pump, Cozmo,
>allows us to set Josh's IS at any level we want. Perhaps there is a way to get
>into the pump's settings and change them to the way YOU wouls like them to be
>and NOT how the manufacturer or even your medical team would like them to be.
>After all, YOU are the one who is wearing the pump and know best how YOUR body
>reacts to everything. Just a suggestion. Contact MM and let them know the
>problem with THEIR settings not working on YOUR body and find out how you can
>get it changed!

You can change it on the Paradigm pumps, and I'm pretty sure you can 
have different settings for different times of the day.  When I first 
started the CDE (or maybe the endo) set it at 30 (pre-pump) and kept 
it at that once I got the pump.  I raised it by 5 several times to 
get to 45, which worked for awhile but now seems too low.  It's now set at 55.

>  As for the CF, Josh currently has about 5-6 various CFs set on his pump
>including a couple of different extended boluses. We are lucky that our pump
>allows us to pre-set all of these on his pump as well as change them 
>if we need
>to. Between the PI book and the Owner's book for the pump we have been able to
>finally get things set pretty well. It is easy to adjust everything for his
>growing as well.

Just checked my pump and yes, I can set different correction factors 
for different times but I'll stick with just one for now.  Setting up 
others will be something to think about once I get the basics 
down.  I can't pre-program different boluses.  If I decide that I 
need a square wave or dual wave, that has to be chosen each time you 
do a bolus.  The bolus wizard, after getting my BG and carb intake, 
will suggest a bolus.  I can accept it or change it if I want.  I can 
then choose to do a normal bolus, a swquare wave (and set the 
duration) or dual wave (choose how I want it split, and the duration).

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005 
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