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RE: [IP] correction factor/insulin sensitivity

At 03:08 PM 6/2/2006, you wrote:
>  Not only are YOU right, your CDE is a hazard. The only benefit 
> using a square
>wave will give you is
>a bit more time to react to (her) mistake.

I think she was confused by what I was telling her.  She did tell me 
to forget about that and said to raise my correction to 55.

>  Take charge of your pump! There is no way that you can expect a 
> CDE or anybody
>not living your life
>in your body to do as good a job as you can, setting your pump settings.

I started making all of my own changes after about 3 months of 
pumping, so August 2005.  The thing is, whenever I made a change if 
it didn't work I would delay doing anything about it.  I'd always 
think "I'll just give it one more day" and days turned into 
weeks.  So she would yell at me because my BGs were going all over 
the place.  She'd make a change and sometimes I'd end up changing it 
back.  When I saw her in April she changed a bunch of settings and 
they *did* work out okay, at least in the beginning.  Then I started 
having lows again so I decided to ask her.  Back in April she was mad 
that I hadn't let her know that I was having trouble and she made me 
promise to call or e-mail her to let her know how the new settings 
were working out.  So I think I made her very happy by asking.  I do 
think I may have to lower some other basal rates but will give these 
changes a few days first before making any more changes.

I have no idea if the changes worked today, because I was running 
high for almost every reading.  I was low before bed so had a snack 
and woke up at 161.  I thought maybe I just overdid the snack, did a 
correction and started getting ready for the day.  An hour later I 
was only 151 (still at the old CF of 45) but I had breakfast anyway, 
thinking it was just a normal morning BG rise.  2 hours after 
breakfast I was 186, corrected with the new CF of 55.  An hour later 
I was 189; 2 hours I was 154.  Had lunch, not many carbs, and went 
for a 55 minute walk after eating.  I was 102 at 2 hours, then 123 at 
3 hours after lunch.  I was beginning to think the changes were a 
little too much and was going to change them to somewhere in the 
middle, but didn't.  I did have a small snack with the 123 reading 
(raw veggies + fat free dip) and 2 hours after that I was 168, then 
168 again more than an hour later.  By the time I got home I was 192, 
and I knew that it wasn't the settings.  I pulled out my infusion set 
and had a bent cannula.  It was a Sof-Set in my hip.  Normally I use 
Silhouettes but I like Sof-Sets in my hip because of their lower 
profile, which makes it much harder for me to accidentally pull out 
when using the bathroom.  I put a new Sof-Set in, corrected and had 
dinner about 30 minutes later.  Hopefully my after-dinner reading 
will be normal.\

I sleep on my side and have never had a problem with cannulas bending 
due to that so I'm not sure what happened this time.  It was working 
fine all day Wednesday and yesterday.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005 
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