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RE: [IP] correction factor/insulin sensitivity

 Not only are YOU right, your CDE is a hazard. The only benefit using a square
wave will give you is
a bit more time to react to (her) mistake.

 Take charge of your pump! There is no way that you can expect a CDE or anybody
not living your life
in your body to do as good a job as you can, setting your pump settings.

 I have *never* had anyone tell me what my settings should be. In fact, after
the first week or so on
insulin, I've never had anyone tell me how much insulin to use.

 Well, I did have one endo (who I later fired for other reasons) tell me she
didn't think my carbs
 ratio should be less than 15 g : 1 U -- it's 25 g : 1 U, so while she wasn't
wrong, she wasn't
helpful, either.

 I'm not saying not to seek or listen to advice! But when situations arise, I've
already dealt with
 them by the time any advice would be forthcoming anyway. That's one reason why
independence is
 important -- timeliness. The other big reason is that you've got the big
picture, and you can never
 really convey the whole picture to the other person. So you have to be in
charge, decide when advice
is helpful, and when the answer makes any sense.

 For important decisions, it's often worth getting a second opinion or third --
yours being first --
but ultimately, YOU have to make the decision.

 (There is one way that what your CDE said makes sense. If the situation that is
driving you high is
 still present putting additional insulin into a square wave or temp basal will
be needed. But if I'm
 high, I'd take some or all of that immediately to bring down the high more
quickly. And by 6:00 am,
you didn't need an increased basal anyway.)

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The pump recommended 5.8 units to correct.  An hour later I 
was 202 and less than an hour after that I was 43.  So in just under 
2 hours I dropped more than 350.

My CDE told me that I should leave it at 45, but do the correction as 
a square wave over an hour.  That doesn't seem to make any sense to 
me.  It seems like I'll still go too low, but it will just take a 
little longer to get there.  Whose thinking is wrong, mine or my 
CDE's?  Mostly the highs I've needed to correct are in the high 
100's/low 200's and even then I'll find that I drop too much.  My IOB 
time is set for 4 hours.  When I took the 5.8 units last month, that 
meant I still had about 3 units left in my body and I was already at 43.
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