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RE: [IP] Night Shift

Mine was even less.

 Why not just get the training, using saline, and hold off on starting insulin
until you get up on a
day you actually have off?

 You don't need someone else to watch you and your BG for 6-8 hours. You don't
even need someone else
 to determine your basals or ratios for you -- I determined mine and faxed my
endo in advance what I
was going to use.

 But even if you want your endo to tell you what the settings should be -- just
find that out in
 advance, program them into the pump, let the educator verify that you've got it
set up right, then
 run it on saline and do your injections in parallel until you're comfortable
and have some time off
so you can pay attention.

 Then stop your basal insulin in advance, use fast-acting as needed to keep your
blood sugar in line,
and then switch to insulin in the morning.

 (You can do regular instead of fast-acting, with fewer injections but less
margin for error. Treat
it as you would a missed injection of basal insulin).

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>   However, I know that with some pump training, part of what happens
>is that you hook up and they watch you (and your BG) for 6-8 hours 
>to try to get your initial basals and boluses close to correct (mine 
>was that way--which is why you might actually be able to nap).  That 
>would be difficult to do in smaller chunks.

Mine was about an hour, and they set my initial basals at about 75% 
of what I'd been taking in Lantus (which they had me not take the 
night before) so my BS would go high rather than low if it were off, 
then sent me home for the weekend with instructions to come in again 
Monday to learn how to change sets.
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