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Re: [IP] Diet pop make you go low?

>Barb Dame wrote:
> > I listened to a nutritionist who claims that diet pop makes us fat and
> > here is her explaination:  She says when you drink diet pop, your
> > taste buds signal to your brain that something sweet is coming
> > (because of the sweet taste).  Your brain signals your pancreas to put
> > out insulin to cover the "sweet" food.  Because there is no carbs to
> > cover, our blood sugar levels drop causing us to get hungry and
> > actually overeat.  Now, if this is true, wouldn't we notice a blood
> > level drop after drinking diet pop since we check our levels all the
> > time?  So, my question is... do any of you notice feeling low after
> > drinking a diet beverage?
> > Thanks,
> > Barb .

I have heard this before.  First off, I know this cannot happen with 
Type 1s, unless they still have some islet cell activity, because 
their pancreas cannot produce any insulin from any signal from their 
taste buds.  I believe there are also some non-D people who are more 
susceptible to this phenomena than others.

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