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Re: [IP] Question for Animas Users

 We have never experienced such an alarm on our daughter's IR1250. Have been
using it since the 1250 came out.

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From: RoseLea <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Friday, June 2, 2006 1:26:08 PM
Subject: [IP] Question for Animas Users

I made the mistake of returning my original IR1200 pump to Animas 
because the rubber coating began to come off the buttons (wish now I 
had just used my husband's glue to stick it back down).  I'm now on 
my second replacement and am very tired of the constant "Call 
Service" alarms.  In the two years that I used my original pump, I 
never had a "Call Service" alarm.  Was my original pump an oddity in 
the Animas world in that it never had this problem?  Are IR1250 users 
having this problem on a regular basis?  I'm speaking of having these 
alarms go off every 10 days to 2 weeks or so.  I'd just like to know 
how many Animas users are experiencing this problem.   How many of 
these alarms have users had?  Once in a great while or fairly 
consistent as I have recently experienced?  Thanks!

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