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Re: [IP] correction factor/insulin sensitivity

Hey Liz,

  First of all, do you have the book PUMPING INSULIN by Walsh and Roberts, 3rd
edition? 4th edition is suppose to come out sometime this year. This is THE BOOK
on pumping and will probably be able to anser many of your questions. You can
get this book through this list. Book Page. And when you purchase anything
through this link, this list will receive a much needed donation from Amazon
each month.

  Next, while I'm not familiar with MM's pumps I do know that our pump, Cozmo,
allows us to set Josh's IS at any level we want. Perhaps there is a way to get
into the pump's settings and change them to the way YOU wouls like them to be
and NOT how the manufacturer or even your medical team would like them to be.
After all, YOU are the one who is wearing the pump and know best how YOUR body
reacts to everything. Just a suggestion. Contact MM and let them know the
problem with THEIR settings not working on YOUR body and find out how you can
get it changed!

 As for the CF, Josh currently has about 5-6 various CFs set on his pump
including a couple of different extended boluses. We are lucky that our pump
allows us to pre-set all of these on his pump as well as change them if we need
to. Between the PI book and the Owner's book for the pump we have been able to
finally get things set pretty well. It is easy to adjust everything for his
growing as well.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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