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[IP] Omnipod and Diet soda

 Hey all Andy Mayshar, myself ,and now it loks like 5-8 others now use the
system. So far no regrets. Far from it, I absoultely love it!

 As for the nutritionist who claims that drinking diet soda makes you
overeat...explain that to a Type I ( such as me) when I produce 0 insulin. This
seems to be idiotic blather by someone who does not like or want anyone else to
drink diet soda. They can have my diet coke with lime once they pry it from my
6'3 210 pound cold dead body. Till then they can shove off.

 I am sure this woman does not mean ill but misinforming people about
unsubstantiated beliefs is idotic...these are the people I laugh at.

(not to mention EVEN if IT does do what she says .....so what?)  

 I am in control of my diseaese and my body as a result. After 20 + years
drinking diet soda it is somethign that I WANT TO DO.

Happy pumping all

Eric H

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