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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V9 #874

I suppose that "without tacks or screws" statement would also exclude the
suggestion to "USE STAPLES!!!"??? ;)

Or if you have any left... How 'bout fish-hook shaped syrringe needles???
After all.. BD claims the syrringe needle point looks barbed like a
fish-hook after the FIRST USE... However, I've been working too much over
night shift to be able to get my pump training scheduled.  And for the past
15 years, I've been using EACH AND EVERY syrringe or pen needle for AT LEAST
a FULL WEEK (at least 14 injections) before switching to a new one... and
EVERY TIME... The ONLY reason I've started using a new one was because the
manufacturer applied lubricant finally wore off so it would get
uncomfortable to remove the needle, and the skin visibly would "pull away
from" my body when I'd remove the needle.  But I'm sure if the problem with
removal was from the BD advertised fish-hook type barbed shape of the needle
point, instead of being "tight" to remove, it would make it harder, and more
painful to INSERT... So I do NOT for ONE SECOND believe the syrringe
manufacturer's hype of "this is how your syrring needle looks after only ONE


Anybody else on this list work NIGHT SHIFT???  If so, did you work nights
when you were trained on a pump... And if so... How on earth were you ever
able to get the pump training scheduled to work with your NIGHT SHIFT work

Regardless of which day of the week I'd schedule the pump training, since I
work nights and sleep days... My pump training would require me to STAY
AWAKE nearly my ENTIRE SLEEPING TIME of the day... And my work schedule
concerning days off changes sometimes as short notice as only 12 hours
notice that I have to work my normal "night off"... How can I schedule pump
training when personally, I ONLY HAVE as little as LESS THAN 24 HOURS
advance notice that I have to work on my SUPPOSED NIGHT OFF???  I only have
ONE vacation day left until November 25, so it's not as simple as "take
vacation and get the pump training during the vacation time."

Only way pump training would work for me would be to get it scheduled for a
Friday (or take vacation Thursday night and have the training on
Thursday)... Either way, I'll have been awake for at least 14 hours BEFORE
the pump training... So how do I convince my body to stay awake to monitor
my BG during the innitial hours of pump use to make sure I'm not going to go
too low or anything???

The way my luck consistently works... If I take vacation Thursday night and
get the pump training, I'll have to work THAT FRIDAY NIGHT...  If I schedule
the training for Friday... I'll most likely have to work THAT FRIDAY

Ideally, I'd like to get the training on Friday morning, have that Friday
and Saturday night OFF, then take that Sunday night off as vacation so I'd
have at least 4 days & 3 nights to try getting the basal rates (at least)
adjusted to near where they should be without having to try immediately
cramming the work load and all into the equation.


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From: "Cody S. Alderson" <email @ redacted>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 19:23:05
To:<email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Infusion Set Keeps Falling Off


    I'm reasonably certain that this has been answered five thousand
ways but how does one get the MiniMed infusion sets to stay on during heavy
    I was cutting my lawn and one fell off. I was putting in concrete block
a window well and one fell off. Now I've had this problem periodically in
the past, but I must really be sweating much more than I did last summer.
    I've tried the IV3000 underneath and it comes off quicker than the
set by itself. I thouroughly clean the area, there isn't any hair, and I use
alcohol and then IV Prep pads. It's the sweat getting underneath.
    Anyone out there that does stuff that gets them sweating profusely, but
their infusion sets stay on? Without tacks or screws that is . . .

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