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RE: [IP] Infusion Set Keeps Falling Off

Cody S. Alderson wrote on Thu, 1 Jun 2006 19:23:05 -0400:

> 	I'm reasonably certain that this has been answered five
> thousand different ways but how does one get the MiniMed
> infusion sets to stay on during heavy sweating?
> 	I was cutting my lawn and one fell off. I was putting
> in concrete block for a window well and one fell off. Now
> I've had this problem periodically in the past, but I must
> really be sweating much more than I did last summer.
> 	I've tried the IV3000 underneath and it comes off
> quicker than the infusion set by itself. I thouroughly clean
> the area, there isn't any hair, and I use alcohol and then IV
> Prep pads. It's the sweat getting underneath.
> 	Anyone out there that does stuff that gets them
> sweating profusely, but their infusion sets stay on? Without tacks or
> screws that is . . . 

I road race motorcycles on tracks that are giving off over 145F heat, in an
ambient temp of over 107F while wearing a leather racing suit, while moving
aroung....I get freakin' hot and was wondering about this problem myself.
What I FINALLY found (with a million thanks to Michael) is Mastisol (Liquid
Adhesive)...I don't know where to get it, but, on the tiny spray bottle that
I have it says:

Ferndale Labrotories, Inc.
Ferndale, Michigan  48220

There's a further description on the bottle which says:

"A non-irritating liquid adhesive for the most difficult dressing over a
protracted period."

There's also a code looking thing over the word "Mastisol"...no clue what it
is, but here it is: HRI-0496-0523-16.

I use it in extreme conditions and it works great.  If I head out to a race
and forget to bring it, I sometimes have had to change the infusion set
several times in one weekend.  If I use it, the infusion set doesn't have a
problem at all.

Brian L. Heess, WSMC/USGPRU/CCS #213 RS125 - HeessCo/Redline Racing
LP-USA, Castrol/ProformanceUSA.com, Shark Helmets, Sidi Boots,
Kimpex, RaceTech, IPONE, http://race.commline.com/
2005 CCS 125GP Southwest Champion
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