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RE: [IP] Re: Does diet pop make you go low?

There was a study out that said people who drink diet drinks seem to drink
more of them than the person who drinks regular soda because the body is
wanting carbs. But it did not say anything about a lot of sugar lows.

Of course I am the odd ball in the group. I drink diet drink and my sugar
goes up. No rhyme or reason just goes up.

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I listened to a nutritionist who claims that diet pop makes us fat and here
is her explaination:  She says when you drink diet pop, your taste buds
signal to your brain that something sweet is coming (because of the sweet
taste).  Your brain signals your pancreas to put out insulin to cover the
"sweet" food.  Because there is no carbs to cover, our blood sugar levels
drop causing us to get hungry and actually overeat.  Now, if this is true,
wouldn't we notice a blood level drop after drinking diet pop since we check
our levels all the time?  So, my question is... do any of you notice feeling
low after drinking a diet beverage?
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