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Re: [IP] thyroid disorders

 I was diagnosed with hypo back in 2003 after a hospital stay. I gained 25 lbs
in about 4 months. My endo caught on right away and got me on Levoxyl. Took care
of it. Had to go through several meds adjustments until we got the righ amount.
Weight fell off and all other symptoms diminished gradually over about six
months. Be careful until you get your meds just right; too much or not enough
can cause adverse reactions. I was on too much for awhile and overstimulated my
thyroid gland and went the opposite route; lost too much weight, pale skin bg's
shooting all over the place. Had to stop taking the meds until we got everything
back to even and started again. I can tell you it ain't fun!
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 Well, I do, but it was brought on after treatment for Grave's dz...
Hyperthyroid. I got the radioactive iodine and it knocked out my thyroid after a
few months.
On Jun 1, 2006, at 12:10 PM, Tanya Cook wrote: 
 Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here has hypothyroidism? I know diabetes
and thyroid disorders are pretty comon especially if your a female. I have an
appoint. with a new endo. on the 19th and because of many symptoms of hypo.
thyroidism I have, I want to get checked out. Can anyone tell me a little about
it? Did it take a while to get the correct diagnosis? Thanks
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