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RE: [IP] Re: Does diet pop make you go low?

 She's refering to the early insulin response to food. A real phenomenon, though
I doubt she can back
 up her conclusion that it makes you fat with any solid scientific evidence.
Besides the "overeat"
 signal is countered both by counter-regulatory hormones and volume displacement
from the volume of
 soda (and CO2), so it's not as simple as all that -- and probably varies
between people and by

 Frankly, I think all the volume of diet soda I use to wash down the huge
pharmacopia of pills I take
 about 10x/day may contribute to my difficulties putting on weight and keeping
it on!

 But the early insulin response is one of the first things to go in diabetes,
even type 2, so
 probably the only people on this list this has any relevance to are
non-diabetic caretakers.

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I listened to a nutritionist who claims that diet pop makes us fat and here 
is her explaination:  She says when you drink diet pop, your taste buds 
signal to your brain that something sweet is coming (because of the sweet 
taste).  Your brain signals your pancreas to put out insulin to cover the 
"sweet" food.  Because there is no carbs to cover, our blood sugar levels 
drop causing us to get hungry and actually overeat.  Now, if this is true, 
wouldn't we notice a blood level drop after drinking diet pop since we check 
our levels all the time?  So, my question is... do any of you notice feeling 
low after drinking a diet beverage?
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