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RE: [IP] 48 Hours show

Did anyone else notice that they never discussed the results of any analyses 
performed on the pump's reservoir? There was that one narration that said 
Stephanie (whom I do think was guilty, fwiw) was "anxious" to get the pump 
back after the emergency services/police/whoever had arrived, but there was 
no discussion of what actually turned up in the pump. The pump was evidence, 
so they must have held onto it despite Stephanie's protests and run some 
tests, surely?! I am contemplating calling the Hattiesburg Police to get an 

Otherwise, the image of a Monoject syringe shown when they talked about the 
pump's reservoir fell into the "nice try" category. If I were a researcher 
for 48 Hours, I would have called the manufacturer of the pump and asked for 
a picture of the kind of thing that holds insulin in it, or, even better, a 
sample for illustrative purposes!

I took the "severe" diabetes comment with a pinch of salt. Remember that in 
1998-2000, very few T2s (which the dead man was--on the show they showed 
excerpts of his medical records that said type 2) were receiving pumps. I 
only ever heard of T2s who were having a lot of trouble on MDI (like A1cs 
9+) getting pumps in that time frame.

It was weird seeing Hattiesburg on TV: in the summer of 2001 I housesat 
there for 3 months. I drank a lot of Abita beer, learned about skeeterhawks, 
and practiced driving through flash flooding.

Type 1 11+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 6 months
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