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Re: [IP] A little grrrrrrrr!!!!

I hope you have better luck with your new Animas IR1200, last November I
switched to the IR1000 after 8 years with Disetronic. (Which I now miss,
does anyone know where to find info about Disetronic's new pump?) Anyway, I
received my upgrade (1200) in early June, I was trained on June 8th and by
June 13th my new 1200 died..... they sent a replacement, which I received
Tuesday the 15th. Thank goodness I still had one of my HTron's left... it
came to the rescue. Okay, the new IR1200 is up and running and on Monday
night (June 28th) I got a "no prime" alert, called the tech, did the fix and
about an hour later got another "no prime", called tech and we fixed it once
more, everything was fine until 10PM last night (June 29th) when I got "no
prime" alert again, called tech and said they would send me a new IR1200 by
Thursday AM.... once again my trusty HTron has come to the recue. I'm almost
ready to ask for my old HTron back that I sent to Animas last November. I'm
not a happy camper, but will give it one more try.... if  #3 doesn't
function properly, I will ask to have my old HTron to be sent back. Thanks
for listening. Mary - Type 1 since 1976, pumping since 1995.
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> --- email @ redacted wrote:
> Just got off the phone trying to track down the
> > whereabouts of my IR
> > 1200 which was supposed to be in my hands by today.
> Ahhh, well, bummer that you have to wait.  Just
> thought as I read this that "gee, so MM isn't the only
> pump company that has issues with customer
> service"....lol.  Anyway, I hope that you get your
> pump this week and that you just love it!  Cynthia
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