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Re: [IP] Those Darn Highs with Rapid Drops

>  Numbers anywhere from 200
>up, which if you dare take a full correction dose, come crashing down over 100
>points in less than thirty minutes.

How long since the previous bolus?  I find with the Wizard (which 
supposedly keeps track of how much active insulin you still have in 
your system) I can be at 200 to 300 and it figures the correction is 
totally offset by the insulin already taken.  If I tried to override 
it and correct for the high I probably would crash.

btw, I couldn't follow my usual exercise routine while away (30 min 
to an hour a day on rowing machine and/or stationary bike) and had to 
up all my basals by .05U/hr and was still running high.  So far I'm 
keeping the higher basals, assuming it will take a few days for 
regular exercise to take effect, but I'm going heavy on the testing.
Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, AK
Dx 1969 at age 28, insulin from start (Probably type 1)
MM 512 since Jan 2004
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