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Re: [IP] Re: Clogged Catheter

I  set the pump at U100 and multiply my bolus and basils by 4.  So, 0.1 
unit into the pump is actually giving  .025U of U100.  I made a cheat 
sheet which I relied on for  a long time. It is attached.  Hope this 
helps.  Helen

email @ redacted wrote:

>Helen, thanks for the input.  My endo suggested U25.  Let me ask you, do you 
>divide everything by 4?  It's easy with the U50 because the Paradigm already 
>does the division for you.  I am thinking of doing U25.  Thankyou
>Krista Nastro
>Mom to Anthony 2 1/2 Pumping w/paradigm 4/7/03  
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