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[IP] Re: Language

"but everyone has their right to their opinion!!  isn't the first amendment a
wonderful thing!?"

Actually, any basic high school civics course would have taught you that the
1st Amendment applies to the freedom of speech against government persecution.
Michael, or any of the IP administrators have the right to pull your post.

"I suppose if I were referring to fellatio or the female equivalent,..."

Now you are just trying to be smart and draw even more attention to
yourself......This is totally unnecessary and inappropriate for the IP list.

"If you took it  that way, I do sincerely apologize,"

When will people learn that the above is a total copout of an apology and
shows nothing but ignorance to others?  Either you are apologizing to someone
and regret your words or you do not.  And please...don't bother to play it off
as irony in any response you might make.
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