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[IP] Ultra vs Ultra Smart


I have four Ultra cases for two Ultra meters.  Long 
story...anyway...only one of the four cases had enough tolerence to fit 
the slightly thicker Ultra Smart meter but that one case did work after 
cutting off the tapered end of the plastic form.

I hesitate to tell people that the Ultra Smart will fit in the every 
Ultra case but since you already have both case and meter in hand try 
it.  I slipped the wider part (top) of the Ultra Smart into the plastic 
form until it could go no further.  Three of my cases would not allow 
the Ultra Smart to slide in far enough to cover even 1/4 of the screen. 
 My forth case allowed the meter to slip in far enough to cover three 
quarters of the screen.  Once the form was trimmed and the slim end of 
the Ultra Smart inserted from the top, the screen was fully covered with 
the widest part of the meter case being too large to fit and thus 
preventing the meter from slipping through.  Success.

The only way that I know of to merge BG test results from other meters 
is to use the free One Touch software downloadable from the LifeScan web 
site.  You will need their $19 serial cable to interface between the 
meter and the computer however.  One cable works with all of their 
meters.  (Some need adapters.)   I ordered their interface cable back 
when the first version of the old InTouch software was put out.  Their 
older cable does work for the Ultra Smart meter so I did not need to 
order a new one.

The trade in rebate is $30 when you turn in a One Touch Profile or any 
other non One Touch BG meter.  It does not specify that the meter has to 
be in working order, just clean and without batteries. <g>

Hope this helps.
- Ann

PS  I have found someone who is interested in swapping an older meter 
for my Ultra meter.  Thanks so much to those of you who have written to 
offer meters.  

Ann Gervasio      mailto:email @ redacted
Herndon, VA       http://www.KnitsByAnn.com
Specializing in DesignaKnit Education
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