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[IP] Re: Unexplained highs

Jason, When this sort of mystery develops for me ( and it does seem to 
eventually happen to everyone) I will check two more things:(1) confirm that
the correct basals are set and(2) change the insulin bottle. I find it hard
to understand how insulin can go bad in a few days between reloads but some
people claim that a bottle switch cured their problem. If you just changed
bottles there is more reason to suspect the insulin potency.
    My personal rule is if after two successive unacceptable highs, with
little or no response from pumped boluses, I reach for a syringe. To me ,it
could be that in that vast , inter-linked system of hormones ( the endocrine
system)something is making the liver release (eventually) glucose. Maybe the
end of the cannula is in a mass of scar tissue that has impaired
circulation. When I ask, docs can't give a reason for the stubborn bg
    The latest issue of Diabetes Interview has a short article on this
problem but it is very short on answers. So far,I have found  the best
attempt to answer comes from Dr, Richard Bernstein ( Diabetes Solutions). He
has an excellent web site that gives extensive excerpts from this book and
gives you a good idea of how he treats this disease.        Peter


> Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 19:40:00 -0500
> From: "Morrisey, Jason" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] pump and level question
> Well I started on the pump a month ago and only noticed one problem and I do
> not understand why can someone explain this to me.
> I woke up and checked my level and it was 175, I checked it through out the
> day and it keep on going up to 200-212 ect.  I was giving my self insulin
> very often and still my level would not go down.  I even changed the
> infusion site, tube and everything.  To make a long story short  I gave
> myself 76 units of humulog all before 2pm and my level would not go down
> below 200.  I changed everything on the pump, cord infusion site and still
> my level would not go down and I did not even eat anything that day.
> Finally it went down to 86 at 6pm but my normal insulin intake is 35-40
> units a day and why did it take 76 in half a day before my level start going
> down???????
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