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Re: [IP] EMT Training for diabetics

 My boyfriend is an EMT-B (emt-basic) who is finishing up his EMT-I
(intermediate). All he has left is clinical time. The further along you get in
EMS the more details you learn about diabetes as well as other things. His
teacher taught the class to NOT touch a pump if they saw a patient with one. As
diabetics we must understand that emergency personnel are forced to learn a
little bit about a lot of different things. this is why we have specialties. It
is the job of EMS to get us, the patients, to the point that the specialist can
take proper care of us. EMTs and EMS deal with far more Type 2 Elderly then they
do Type 1's. Its a simple fact. Being elderly alone can mean many health issues
not including diabetes. It is also a reality that many elderly type 2's that
have to use EMS are quite possibly not taking proper care of themselves. I know
that this is not true for everyone out there, but the reality is that for many
this is true. When you are an EMT you are going to see many elderly type 2's
that just don't take care of themselves.

 When my boyfriend took his EMT-B class almost three years ago I was not to
thrilled at what they taught them about diabetes. But my boyfriend explained the
above to me. It makes sense. What was taught to him in his EMT-I class was much
better.I couldn't believe that the pump was even mentioned! I was so pleased.

 I do not believe that EMS is falling behind. After seeing my boyfriend and his
co-workers in the ER deal with diabetics you see that they are forced to deal
with so many different things that it is difficult for them to know all the up
to date diabetes care news. They are being forced into being family doctors
because so many people are not able afford health care. That is an entirely
different subject.

 I for one am thankful for all the EMTs, Paramedics, and ER staff for knowing
enough to safe my life if the time comes and for the lives of countless others.

stepping off my soap box now,

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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